Pandawa Cliff Estate -  Villa Rose - The villa viewed from the pool

Press of Pandawa Cliff Estate

Nia Ramadhani memilih staycation di Pulau Dewata bersama keluarga besar Bakrie. Setelah kemarin menjajal paralayang, kali ini Nia dan keluarga menghabiskan waktunya di salah satu villa mewah, yaitu Pandawa Cliff Estate. Momen Indah Nia Ramadhani Liburan Mewah di Bali, , 9 October 2020

Tetapi, menyendiri di tempat yang tenang bukan berarti anda harus tinggal di tempat yang primitive dan kurang fasilitas. Closer to the edge, Clara Magazine, April 2017.

Perched atop a cliff, wed amid a backdrop of white sands and blue waters at the Pandawa Cliff Estate. Romantic Pandawa Cliff Estate Maxx Brides, January 2017.

Rasanya tidak pernah bosan dengan keindahan Pulau Dewata. Luxury at its best Cosmopolitan Indonesia, January 2017.

Tren pernikahan outdoor dengan konsep warm and intimate masih akan menjadi tren di tahun 2017 ini. Pandawa Cliff Estate: One Lovely Venue in Southern Bali, The Bride Dept Indonesia, January 2017.

Pandawa Cliff Estate memiliki empat vila dengan jarak yang berdekatan. Villa Marie, Markisa, Rose, dan The Pala. Sejauh mata memandang, kamu akan dimanjakan dengan cantiknya langit Bali dan pantai Pandawa yang terbentang elok. Bila Bali adalah Pilihanmu untuk Mengucap Janji Suci , Bella Donna The Wedding, 14 Desember 2016.

Sejauh mata memandang, Anda akan dimanjakan dengan cantiknya langit Bali dan pantai Pandawa yang terbentang elok. Menyusuri Kemolekan Pantai Pandawa, Mahligai, Desember 2016.

Also new for Uluwatu's millionaire row for 2017 is Villa Markisa, a palatial five-bedroom villa set within the grounds of Pandawa Cliff Estate What's new in Bali for 2017: Top places to eat, stay and play, Escape, published October 25, 2016.

A perfect Bali getaway for special occasions, family gatherings, South China Morning Post, Published October 8, 2016. At maximum capacity, the four-villa Pandawa Cliff Estate is an opulent offering that works out at a fraction of the cost of five-star-hotel alternatives

High above one of The Bukit's most beautiful beaches, set in grand gardens and with ocean views to die for, is a big, bold and beautiful new secret. Pandawa Paradise, FRV Travel, Edition April - May, 2014

The Pala, Villa Rose and Villa Marie are one of the best choices and romantic venue built on the high level of Pandawa Cliff Estate. The Pala, Villa Rose and Villa Marie Romantic Venue on. Pandawa Cliff Estate, Bali Travel News, June 2014.

The estate was officially opened by the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ibu Mari Pangestu on the 21st April this year. Pandawa Cliff Estate, Cliff-Top Villa with Spectacular View, The Bali Times, June 27 - July 3, 2014.

Phew. No matter how many times we see this, we have to take a breath. Jump for joy: Top 5 Cliffside Villas in Bali, Wanderluxe, Published July 3, 2014.

This evening under the stars was a fantastic premier of the Pandawa Cliff Estate. A Night at Pandawa Cliff Estate, FRV Travel, Edition 11.2 Aug - Sep , 2014.

Your first wedding only happens once and so it's an experience that should be savoured with lots of money and good taste lavished upon it. A Day to Remember, Exotic, Edition Aug - Nov 2014.

It's easy to see Pandawa Cliff Estate becoming a hugely popular holiday and wedding destination. ! The Newest Elite Havens, Expat Living Singapore, September 2014.

If you wish for an intimate wedding, these villas are just perfect. 5 Villas to say , MAXX-brides, Edition II.2 September 2014.

Overlooking the vastness of the Indian Ocean, acclaimed international designer Popo Danes took full advantage of the site and its aspects when putting the concept together. Pandawa Cliff Estate, Tropical Life, edition Sep - Dec 2014.

Marketed the Elite Havens Group

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